Suffolk Inclusion Toolkit TA Training Essential SENCO Toolkit – Judith Carter

Session one – An introduction to the 7 CS
The 7 Cs Learning Portfolio is a language of SEND assessment. It can be
used to identify strengths and areas for development and help to plan SEN
Support for those identified as requiring it. TAs will be introduced to the 7
Cs Learning Portfolio and its strengths-based approach and have time to
consider how this can be integrated into their work with children and young

Tuesday 5th March 13.30-14.30 or Tuesday 26th March 16.30-17.30

Session two – The 4 Functions of Learning Support
The 4 functions of learning support is a framework to aid the deployment of
TA time. TAs make a valuable contribution to teaching and learning and
offer ongoing support for learners with SEND but sometimes this is defined
as ‘helping,’ which does not in itself capture the significance of the
role. Instead, defining TA time as mediation, reinforcement of a skill or
learning behaviour, assessment or intervention enables greater clarity and
accountability of impact. TAs will be introduced to the 4 functions and have
time to reflect on the relevance to their role.

Monday 20th May 13.30-14.30 or Wednesday 22nd May 16.30-17.30

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