Dyscalculia Training

This course will give an overview of Dyscalculia as a specific learning difficulty, best practice regarding assessment procedures and a range of teaching strategies and recommendations.

This course should enable participants to:

  • Understand the distinct profile of Dyscalculia and where it lies on the Maths Learning Difficulties continuum
  • Know the signs highlighting an at-risk profile
  • Understand some approaches and strategies which best support students with Maths Learning Difficulties, including Dyscalculia.

The sessions are being held on Tuesday 15th February 2022 (online) for members of the Suffolk TA Network. Please select either morning 9.30-10.30, afternoon 13.30-14.30 and twilight 16.30-17.30. For a place or more information, email suffolktan@westbourne.attrust.org.uk.

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